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Weight Loss – 1 to 1 Training Program – is a program created for people who, in addition to losing weight, aim to re-optimize all their body functions, who want to recover their body and use it to its true potential or as close to it as possible.

Weight gain and loss are widely and deeply misunderstood. Without the proper knowledge and tools, weight management is only scratching the surface.

What we have created here is much more than weight loss. If you enter, you need to play. I’m not asking you to lose weight, I’m asking you to rewrite all the functions of your body so that you get to the point where you never have to worry about it again. Only then can we talk about real health and performance.


It’s hard? Hell yes. VERY HARD.

Reprogramming an organism’s biological functions is quite simple. A lot of people actually know what to do. But simple does not mean easy. WHY? You will understand these things only during the actual training.

Does it take TIME? More than you imagine!

What the vast majority do not understand is that, more often than not, the extra pounds do not appear overnight, from yesterday’s pizza, but are a consequence of years or decades of the body being used in an inappropriate way. It’s perfectly normal not to be able to solve everything like magic, but the tools we have at hand help us get closer to it, if we know how to use them correctly.

Is it Worth it? Work, attention, money, time… Only you can know that… Are YOU worthy of it?

If not you, then who? If not now, then when? When you know you’re worth it, you have absolutely no doubt that what you’re doing for you is the right thing.


What no one dares to tell you is that this is a one-way ticket. Why? Because the hard thing is not to fix, but to maintain the result in the long term! So, I ask you now, are you sure you want to make a real change? Because only what is real will remain.


The story behind

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I too was 14 kg over my ideal weight…

Because what I offer is only what I have integrated, it goes without saying that the information and practices have been experienced in my personal life. Yes, life happened to me too, it knocked on my door and, with curiosity, I opened the door. I invited life in and the fun began: with EVERYTHING – emotions, mental programs, sweet, desires, pleasures, extremes, chaos, isolation… Until I hit the bottom…

All of this added 14 extra kilos on the scale, dehydrated me, and raised my metabolic age from 15 to 29. It was clear to me that I was not well. However, despite being a doctor and doing a lot of sports, I did everything I knew to recover, but I couldn’t do it by myself.

After exhausting all visible options, I had to humbly admit that there are some things that elude me, that there are some things that I don’t know or understand. That was the moment I had to be honest enough with myself and vulnerable enough to ask for help.

The universe is wonderful. It immediately put in my path exactly the right man delivering everything I needed. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for the journey I have chosen to experience. All I can do is offer what I have received, in my own unique way, to those who are willing to reclaim their bodies.

Time, effort, money, discipline, sincerity, will, courage, but also risk and commitment… These were the elements I chose to overcome my laziness, my fear of failure and to explore all the mental and emotional programs that kept me in a loop that is not easy to get out of.

Sometimes I lied, sometimes I made the wrong choice thinking I understood. Other times I reached a plateau that required a key item to move forward. I fell many times and got up just as many. I do not regret anything. I know that what I have consciously built will remain as long as I choose not to forget.

Specifically, the recovery journey began 3 years ago, and the pounds began to disappear in the first months of nutrition and biohacking training. After half a year, I had increased my cellular hydration percentage by 10%! (from 50% to 60%), I metabolically rejuvenated from 29 to 13 years old and lost 5 kg… then 10 kg… and then… I relaxed.

I thought that it is OK to allow myself some arrogance. I thought I could afford to go back to my old habits without any consequence. It cost me more than I thought. But this time, I retraced the road to recovery without a guide. Just by myself… what I learned is priceless. And that’s how I understood that it’s a one-way ticket… Once you choose to claim yourself, you need to do it every moment. Today I’m “up to date” and just playing around… with measure.

This is the extraordinary experience that I invite you to experience in your own unique way. I will only be a guide. I will be there for as long as you need to recover your body and become your own guide. No more. The pounds will disappear as a consequence of walking your own path.

Are you still interested? I’m glad!

Let’s see what this training is really about.

Subjects and Agenda

From a didactic point of view, the training is divided into two major areas: optimization of the basic systems and the actual weight loss (or remodeling). Of course, in practice, they overlap. Depending on each individual organism, the elements can be introduced simultaneously or one after the other.

The program is very complex, with a lot of valuable information and many hidden keys. The approach is holistic. Ideally, during this training, you integrate each piece of information step by step, at your own pace. After the training, your task is to stabilize these skills through sustained choices, day in and day out. Only then can you move on to the next level.

The structure and complexity of the program is unique to each participant. Nor can it be otherwise.

The main topics around which the training will take place are:

    • Hydration
      • Cellular hydration
      • Structured water
    • Detox
      • The importance of detox
      • Correct detox stages
      • Efficient detox methods
    • Eating and feeding
      • Basic rules
      • Personalized meal plan
      • Eating tips&tricks
    • Keto nutrition
      • Keto in weight loss
      • Stages
      • Monitoring
      • Personalized keto
    • Sports
      • Introducing sports – timing
      • The right type of sport
      • Suppliments
        • The most efficient weight loss suppliments
        • Tips&tricks
        • Personalized plan
      • Other traps in achieving your goal
        • The environment
        • Physical factors
        • Emotional factors
        • Mental factors
      • Monitoring the body
        • Devices
        • Instruments
        • Re-evaluations 

*The agenda and topics may undergo changes both depending on the change of individual needs over time.

**Participants will receive a document at the end of each session with the information presented in detail so that integration can be done in real time.


The training will have 9 hours during 5 weeks. Sessions can take place online or face to face, in Bucharest. Face to face interaction is always different and the connection is deeper. Certain parameters are required to participate in the first session – you will receive personal instructions on how to perform the appropriate scans. The program includes access to me on written communication networks (SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail) throughout its duration.

week no. 1: 1 session of 2 hours for the interpretation of the scans, for establishing the main problems, objectives and needs, but also for structuring the actual program.
weeks 2-4: 1 2 hour session/week to deliver the necessary information you want and need.

The value of the knowledge you receive during these sessions is close to zero if it is not implemented in everyday choices. 2 hours of theory and 7 days of practice seems to be an effective ratio to really understand through your own experience what I mean.

week no. 5: 1 session of 1 hour for closing, conclusions, homework and final recommendations.

Once this program is completed, you are free to choose to stay at this level, go to the next level, or go back to your old habits. My firm recommendation: choose with your heart! The mind will try to come up with more and more aggressive reasons for not choosing yourself. The choice, however, is yours. Good luck!

Prices & registration

The price for this training is 630 EUR (50% discount for students aged between 18 and 25). For children under 18 years of age, please see the nutrition program for families – Nutrition, Biohacking & Longevity – Family Training.

For other collaboration options, see the Prices and How does it work? pages.

To register for this training, you must follow the necessary steps:
Send the answers to the questions in the registration form provided below to 
Wait for the confirmation email. YES, we choose participants based on their answers. Payment alone does not guarantee access to this program.
Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive your billing details. Only after the payment is made, we will schedule the timing of the sessions. Please read the Terms and Conditions below! Making the payment automatically means that you agree and accept the terms and conditions of this program.

Welcome to the training.

Registration form

The first step is to fill out the registration form and send it to my email address: .

Based on your answers and not only, I will decide if you can join this program.

Name: ______________

Age: ______________

Telephone: ______________

Question no. 1: WHY do you want to join this weight loss program? (Without a strong enough reason behind your choice, chances are you’ll lose interest in this program somewhere along the way. So… WHY would you choose to sacrifice your resources to get into it?).

Question no. 2: WHAT do you want to achieve by participating in this program? (Name at least one goal on each plane (physical, emotional, mental)).

Question no. 3: What are you willing to SACRIFICE to get the most out of this experience? (In order to receive something, you must be willing to sacrifice something else. Ex: time, money, work, old habits, etc. or something else. Please be aware of what you are giving in exchange for this experience.) Name them here.

Question no. 4: Is there anything keeping you from 100% believing that this is the right workout for you right now? (doubts, excuses, friends, finances – whatever!) Name them here.

Once these answers are sent to my email address , you will be notified as soon as possible if you are eligible for this training. If the answer is yes, we will proceed with the payment. You agree to the terms and conditions once you make the payment. Please read them carefully!

If you think what I have to offer is for you, my door is wide open.

Thanks for your patience and interest and I look forward to meeting you!


Dr. Anca Țandea

TERMS and CONDITIONS of participation

    • These “Terms and Conditions” apply to all participants and by enrolling in the course the participant accepts these “Terms and Conditions” which are valid for the duration of the course.
    • The Organizer may change these “Terms and Conditions” at any time without prior notification to the participants/partners.
    • Participation fee: 630 EUR/person (or lei equivalent) (VAT included).
    • Access to the training takes place at the time of payment confirmation, using the details received in response to the registration email sent to
    • The participation fee is non-refundable. The reserved place can NOT be transferred to another person. The start date and time of the program can be changed by mutual agreement. Once started, they cannot be changed.
    • In case of non-appearance at one of the weekly meetings, according to the previously established and mutually agreed schedule, the participant has no right to ask for any interruption, postponement, recovery, replacement of the weekly meeting or any compensation of any kind. The program can NOT be extended for a period longer than 5 weeks.
    • The weekly meeting can only be rescheduled within the same week and only once, at least 24 hours before the one already scheduled.
    • Training can be done online or (preferably) face-to-face.
    • None of the sessions may be recorded in any form. The participant will be provided with appropriate materials to help them at the end of each session.
    • If, in the case of a pre-arranged and mutually agreed meeting, for whatever reason, the participant joins later than the announced time, he/she will not be entitled to claim resumption or extension of the meeting, nor will he/she be entitled to a refund.
    • Participation in the training is at your own risk, without the participant having any claim of any kind and without the right to dispute or claim any material of any kind.

Personal data processing 

  • By participating in this training, you agree that your data will be processed for the purposes of the legal and bureaucratic procedures necessary to be able to participate in the course.
  • The organizer assumes no responsibility for the way communication platforms and third parties process this data.
  • By participating in this program, the participant agrees that the organizer may use his data and the resulting media files (photo/video and audio recordings) as he sees fit, within the limits of common sense, including for advertising or commercial purposes, without the approval or notification to the participant. If you do not agree to this condition, please mention this fact before the end of the program and not later. Failure to explicitly state your position on this matter is deemed tacit agreement to the above.


The training is informative and the statements and opinions expressed in this event do not constitute medical advice and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. The authors and individuals mentioned do not assume responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

The opinions of other people are entirely their own and this event does not endorse or take responsibility for the statements made by them. This event does not represent or make any guarantees as to their qualifications or credibility.

We certify that there is a possibility that the information provided by this event, or certain information on the pages or documents included, may be medically incorrect. By using this information, or by reading it, the user assumes and accepts that all responsibility belongs entirely to him, exempting from any legal responsibility both the authors and the mentioned persons who participated in the provision of information or services, including even the wrong information. provided negligently.

Use of the information and techniques described in this program is entirely at your own risk.

If you think you have a medical condition, see a medical specialist.

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