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Recommended Products And Devices

Recommended Products And Devices

  1. Coral Club

The main products I use from Coral Club are related to HYDRATION. It’s about  H500 and Coral Mine.

Coral Club is a brand that provides quality products and remains a top choice even for enzymes (Assimilator) and probiotics (SuperFlora).

Also, because spirulina has the property of absorbing toxins and heavy metals, its source is very important, so as not to intoxicate the body instead of detoxifying it. Premium Spirulina tablete is a quality product from this point of view.

For registration and orders, you can access  this linkregistration code 6276069


2. Infopathy – Have it all in a glass of Water… (Almost)

This is a device that is already revolutionizing medicine, both in perception and applicability. The medicine of the future is vibrational medicine, based on frequencies. And the future has caught up with us! In short, the device prints in the molecular structure of water the information of all plants, supplements or substances whose frequency is already known. The list is constantly expanding and is regularly updated on the manufacturers’ website.

Basically, you need one of the devices (there are 3 options), a monthly subscription to have access to frequencies (ICs) and minimal training for the most efficient use of this device, but also for choosing the most suitable ICs for you. Together, we change the world!

For a better understanding on how exactly this device works, I recommend this great article (in English), where you will find all the information you need to be able to use it, and I am grateful this article exists.

For orders, you can use this link, which offers a 10% discount, or you can use my discount code ANCA10 directly from the manufacturer’s website. For details, questions and other purchasing options, write me a message at


3. Laminine – a LifePharm product

LAMININE® is an exceptional supplement, 100% natural, whose value cannot be expressed in words. When I first tried LAMININE®, I was told: „I can’t explain to you what Laminine is. To understand what I’m telling you, you have to try it.” Now that I’ve tried it I can confirm this 100%.

What is it and what does it contain?

Laminine is a patented formula that contains a mixture of bioactive growth factors (bioactive peptides and FGF-2) of fertilized egg, marine proteins and phytoproteins.

How does it work?

The fertilized chicken egg extract, harvested in the stages of embryogenesis in which the egg has bursts of growth, LAMININE® activates latent stem cells, already existing in the human body. These cells, once activated, listen to the body’s needs and multiply and differentiate into specialized cells exactly where the body needs them. Marine proteins and phytoproteins serve as a source of essential amino acids with which the body can actually build what it needs for the total regeneration of the body.

For more details, read my article about LAMININE® .

For registration and orders, you can access  this linkregistration code 16342618


4. I. O.Shield

What is it?                      

This is a device for protection against electromagnetic smog and, moreover, which protects life in all its forms, by restoring energy flow and reducing energy losses.

Advanced technology and available materials now make it possible to physically bring the notions of quantum physics into an extraordinary device, which helps us to continue our existence in a perfect balance within ourselves and with the environment.

People who came in contact with I.O.Shield, whether or not they were previously familiar with energy practices, described the same phenomenon: intense activity in problematic areas in the physical body or energy centers, followed by blockage removal.

For more details, I recommend two videos that show aspects related to its functions and the materials used to its manufacturing.

Personal experience

“I have purchased this device since the beginning of its existence. It was much easier for me to understand what it was doing, receiving the information directly from the manufacturer. But, in addition to its already mentioned functions, my I.O.Shield has become a perfect companion adapted for my experience. It is practically an extraordinary faithful mirror, which seems to have its own personality; after a while, however, I realized that the Master I had found so authentic in this device was actually ME. It was, is and will be a very powerful tool, which helped me reach this truth infinitely more efficient, cleaner and faster than normal. It remains a landmark of what I am, in fact, when I stumble in my own footsteps and it enjoys the love and gratitude from my side. ”

For ordering, message me at, use the contact form or order it directly from the site.


5. Kangen Water Structuring and Ionization Devices

For orders, write me a message at:  or use de contact form.


6. DoTerra

Pure essential oils, therapeutic grade and diffusers.

Essential oils are the ones that have the highest vibration of all natural substances. Maintaining a high frequency for health and longevity is now absolutely necessary, and essential oils arevery  helpful in both self-work and therapy.

Read the article Essential oils (link) for a larger view.

For registration and orders, you can access this linkenroller ID 10683018.


7. Eqology Arctic Oil.

It may be the most effective fish oil on the market. It is non-oxidized and absorbs approx. 4 times more efficient than other products in this category. They can be ordered as a monthly subscription or individual products.

For registration and orders, you can access this linkregistration code 15412210


8. Colloidal minerals

Salutifer – I especially recommend Mg and Cu. They have a very complex role in the whole body and especially in the correct metabolism of iron, which, surprise! IT IS IN EXCESS, contrary to general beliefs, the apparent anemia being due to missusage of iron.


9. Kion Aminos tablets or powder.

The amino acid formula from Kion is probably one of the most effective amino acid formula on the market. It is made according to MAP and it is 99% effectively absorbed from the GI tract. The enzymatic deficiency that we all face after a certain age makes it impossible to extract, absorb and metabolize amino acids from the proteins we ingest.

Thus it is necessary to supplement them from an external source. Iit is advisable to do it with a quality source.


10. Enzymedica is the most efficient enzymes brand.

  • Spectrum – gluten and dairy intolerances. I recommend 2 capsules before each meal.
  • Enzyme Defense Extra Strenght – restoring the immune system. I recommend 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 before each meal.
  • Digest Gold with ATPro – optimal digestion. I recommend 2 before each meal.
  • MucoStop – digestion and elimination of mucus from the lungs and glands. I recommend 2-2-2.

If I were to choose 1 suppliment not to give up to, I would choose ENZYMES.

Last update: 26.11.2021