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Metabolic adaptability – A „must have” in 2021

metabolic adaptability

Metabolic adaptability – A „must have” in 2021

We live in a chaos in which everyone is looking for something stable to cling to. This is the perfect chance to see how metabolic adaptability works.

The article provides information on

  • The importance of metabolic adaptability in the conditions of physical, mental and emotional stress that we all go through
  • The importance of the physical body: the most palpable and effective tool we have at hand
  • Metabolic adaptability: what it is, how to get it, tips & tricks

Intro – Metabolic adaptability

What I will say feels uncomfortable, no matter which side you are on. We live in an indescribable chaos in which everyone, in one way or another, is looking for something stable to cling to. Looking for an anchor, for the “normal”, for a pause button. Looking for a return to normal, looking for the known.

But the Universe has always told us that the only constant thing is change. This is not new. It is, however, a truth imposed now more aggressively than ever. Why? A question to which, if you have the answer, and, moreover, if you act in accordingly, you can be relieved of many unnecessary and painful loops and move forward easily on your own path.

The answer I found is: because it is needed. We have had millennia as humanity at our disposal to hear the whispers of the Universe and to make a change in consciousness. But, and perhaps this is one of the characteristics of human beings, we denied and ignored the whispers, then the cries and now, the wounds from which we bleed. This is the “normal” the great majority desperately wants us to return to. A normal that denies life as it is.

This introduction may seem far from the subject, but it is closer than it seems. Because everything is interconnected.

The importance of the physical body

Our physical body has a special place in this story of mine.  In fact, each of our bodies is a special body and has its essential role. It’s just that today I want to write about the physical one.

In the events I chose to experience in this life, I’ve had the privilege of knowing my physical body from several points of view. I have met my body in health and illness, in balance and in extremes. I have met it at rest, in motion and in anabolism and catabolism, I have eaten and drunk both good and bad, I have dragged it in favorable conditions and I have felt it in conditions of survival. And here I am, today, in one piece, but full of experiences in my physical body.

So, I wondered … what is the physical body? What is its role?

There are many disciplines, fields and authors that describe our bodies, including the physical one[1][2].

As for me, at first, I used it instinctively, without differentiating it from myself, from the consciousness that looks at it as an observer. Then I ignored it. How else could I get lost? As I became aware of everything I was doing, I saw it as a vehicle that I needed to take care of in order to experience life as full as possible. But it wasn’t enough to make me treat it the way it deserved. Then I realized that it was the most faithful messenger I had ever met. THE BODY DOES NOT LIE. It took me years to understand and accept that I can lie to myself, but my body never lies to me.

There were years when I studied it, I ruined it, I healed it, I aged it, I rejuvenated it, I forgot it, I hated it, I loved it, I ignored it and I took care of it. You could say I was tough on my body. I would say that I allowed him to know, to experiment, to feel, to learn. Because, yes, our body is also information.

Not only it receives the information, but it also records it. Take bone tissue as an example. Bones are the material on which information is written and rewritten. And, although it seems that bone tissue is the most rigid of all, it is, in fact, one of the most adaptable tissues, it is permanently restructuring itself. It constantly adapts to the environment in which we live through the experiences we go through. Depending on the pressures, torsions, tractions to which it is subjected by the action of muscles, tendons and ligaments, but also by the action of external forces, the bone permanently adapts through osteocytes (bone-forming cells) and osteoclasts (cells that lease bone tissue). Thus, even the information already recorded is permanently rewritten. Everything is endlessly new. Or endlessly the same. It depends on the choices we make and if we change them or not.

The information is permanently received, recorded, but also emitted/transmitted. Yes, our body constantly transmits information. To others, but also to ourselves. The body does its job. The question is: do we, as conscious human beings, do our job?

The body has the answers

We always have the answer in our body. Do we see it or not?

Because in the Universe, everything is cyclical, now ends a beautiful cycle, in which mankind has experienced the comfort zone, an area that, as usual, has taken us to the extreme. The universe has its own unique way of balancing things, and now the bell is ringing again.

We need to step out of our comfort zone, claim our bodies and use them according to what they were created to do. We have sunk so much, each in our own comfort, that if we continue in this direction, it is very possible that we are heading for extinction as a species.

The physical body was not created to be used in the way we use it, nor to withstand current environmental factors (toxins, electromagnetic radiation[3][4], emotions, stress, viruses[5] etc.). Thus, we find ourselves in a scenario created by extraordinarily intelligent but unconscious minds, in which we have to make a simple choice: either we adapt or we die, both as individuals and as humanity.

I don’t like it either, but no matter who and what agenda has and how this process of metamorphosis takes place on a global scale (things that shouldn’t distract us from what we have to do), one thing is clear: the absolutely necessary skill is to support LONG-TERM adaptability. Yes, this is a long race.

Of course, extremely good management of integrity limits[6], emotions and mental programs[7] and an extremely good understanding and use of energy are needed. In other words, an extremely deep self-knowledge. The physical tool we have at our disposal for all these processes and practices, but also the one through which we have the most accurate feedback is our own physical body.

The pace at which the transformations take place in the external environment automatically requires, for survival and evolution, an appropriate rhythm in which the necessary transformations take place inside. The physical body is the material interface through which this process is performed. It is the connection between the two environments in which we co-exist and it needs to be in a perfect balance with the two (external and internal).

More specifically, it is useless to decode emotions and mental programs and energy practices if the physical body does not have the necessary adaptability to receive, record and transmit the information accessed at each stage of this transformation process. The physical body cannot sustain the immense amount of energy and information needed.

I did my best to express as accurately as possible and to emphasize the importance of the physical body and its adaptability during this times.

Metabolic adaptability

This phenomenon is defined in various forms but, as a whole, describes the body’s ability to perform all the metabolic processes necessary for adaptation to the environment. What I want to emphasize is that I am referring to both the external and the internal environment.

In other words, metabolic adaptability is, in fact, a metabolic flexibility needed to compensate for the discontinuities present both in terms of energy resources and in terms of their use. Let us remember that we are energetic beings and that everything is about energy. This adaptability is reflected in the ability to use both lipids and carbohydrates as energy resources and to easily juggle between them. [8]. It is a skill that can make the difference between health and illness.

Mitochondria play a crucial role in achieving metabolic flexibility, and the flexibility of metabolic pathways are essentially therapeutic targets for aging-related diseases[9]. And, as all processes move on fast-forward, I raised a question: what if aging happens faster? This is not a good forecast, but it is the current situation. I don’t want to really know how fast.

The real challenge, however, is at the level of consciousness, but also for this we need the physical body to support this process. High vibration is the key, says this article [10]. The trap is that the frequency of the planet is increasing, and man needs to keep up. Is it possible without an extraordinary adaptability in the body and in the mind? I say: zero chance.

Yes, I repeat, in the long run. For those who still hope to return “back to normal”, no, we will not return. We stole our hats to ourselves. Look around, don’t lie to yourselves anymore. Those of us who have not directly contributed to what is happening have contributed and are contributing through ignorance. Now the bills are arriving.

One of the possible scenarios we are heading for is very harsh: poverty, hunger, survival. I do not think it is necessary to explain the importance of adaptability on absolutely all levels in such a context, metabolic adaptability being the star of this article.

I’m not known for any pleasant way of saying things. And, although I’m perfectly capable of doing this, I can honestly say that I don’t want to. I have reached the point where sincerity towards myself is of paramount importance and is reflected on the outside without making any extra effort. I can’t lie and, as a result, I can’t lie to you and tell you that what I perceive around me is pink and I’m not affected. I was told that I was coming “with the bulldozer” and waking up the world). That’s right. But I know that if the universe needed me differently, I certainly would be different. But I am as I am. However, I invite you to receive the information I provide, disregarding this aspect.

Returning to our sheep, every metabolic process that takes place in our body needs to be perfectly integrated in the context in which we are in every moment in time and space. Everyone can contribute to the collective good by first giving themselves what they need.

The tools by which we can boost these metabolic adaptability processes are extremely numerous, and their number is growing. It is a phenomenon that is somewhat understandable, given that the harmful factors in the environment are also growing at an alarming rate. Of course, the field I am referring to when I refer to tools is – biohacking.

Biohacking is not a new practice. The deadline is new, and what it brings today is extraordinary in terms of possibilities. What it offers is of immense value. But, as usual, it doesn’t matter what you have, but what you do with what you have. Translated into what I want to emphasize, we can use elements of advanced nutrition and biohacking to get the necessary adaptability TODAY. Ketogenic nutrition and intermittent fasting can help in this direction.

This is part of the basics and is an essential step. However, in order to reach changes at the DNA level, it is played at another level. Our consciousness can alter our genes[11], says Dr. Bruce Lipton. It takes a lot of flexibility as well as providing the body with the necessary elements. And today, optimal nutrition is no longer enough, not even for maintenance.

Tips & Tricks

  • The current context is not pink. The context is perceived differently by each person. Although the information is available to everyone, each reaches a part, smaller or larger, of the information, and the big picture is an image that very few have the ability to perceive. It’s like the elephant parable[12]. My suggestion in this regard is that the filter of information and sources of information be the heart (for those who still know how to use it). The point is, don’t lie to ourselves.
  • Obtaining metabolic adaptability TAKES TIME. Sometimes for years. This is an individual and unique process for everyone. Everyone also knows best how far they want to go. What I want to emphasize is that, as soon as we realize how serious the matter is, it may be too late. We don’t have time anymore. So, if it isn’t started, now may be the time to start this process.
  • Finding Your purpose is essential in order to maintain this path. It is a difficult process and requires willpower and effort. Without a good enough reason to do so, it will most likely be an abandonment somewhere along the way. Distractions have always been, are and will be more and more. We will be bombarded on all sides and in all forms. But IT CAN BE DONE. Find your own purpose to be worth doing this for! I have described the need in the current general context, but a personal reason can be a much more powerful engine.

That’s all I had to say today.

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay alive and DARE TO LIVE up to your Soul!

Anca Tandea.