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Medicine without consciousness DOES NOT EXIST


Medicine without consciousness DOES NOT EXIST

Medicine without consciousness is, coldly speaking, a scene from a movie in which, according to a written code, the sleeves repair other sleeves. Are we far from such a scenario? Let’s see.


Medicine is, in my view, a practice that can be taken to the state of art, born as a consequence of the fact that man has forgotten his divine nature. Disease is thus a physical manifestation of forgetting that man is the earthly embodiment of perfection. Disease is a consequence of the fact that man has lost his connection with the soul at the time of his incarnation on Earth.

It is a simple truth expressed in pompous words, a cliché, which has lost its power over time, being used in vain, just like a classic “I love you”. How many have the courage to say such words and how many of those who use them raise their vibration to their level? Without that frequency which vibrates in unison with that of the words, they are just empty words, which, used in this manner, do nothing but transform human beings into empty bodies, like them.

If every person remembered this, there would be no more sick people, no more disease, so there would be no medicine. Practically, on every occasion when an individual denies or ignores his divine nature, on every occasion when he does not claim it, he gives up his personal power (which comes from the very awareness of who you truly are) to the healer, who does nothing but maintains the script, neither being more conscious than the other.

And this is the medicine program today, a program loaded via the unconscious repetition of these choices. Basically, the “medicine movie” is,  represented by a large mass of disabled people, forever saved by some imaginary rescuers, who, both being busy with healing and being healed, forgot to live!

Although I used some harsh words, which will certainly cause discomfort and hurt some egos, I am confident that there are also open minds who have the ability to look at these statements with humor :). After all, everything is a choice.

The father of medicine – Hippocrates [1]

It is impossible for me to write anything about this genius. He is one of those incredible minds, who left behind a legacy that no one will ever be able to put a value on, who has managed to blend medicine with those universal truths that endure over time.

The reality is, however, that as usual, these truths are not understood by the masses. And when medicine, which is an ART in all its aspects, ends up being practiced in and by the great masses, the consequences are disastrous. You are born an artist, you don’t become one. It’s not a job for everyone. You can only be an artist with your heart. And the true physician is a flawless artist through whom flows the inexhaustible source of divinity.

I have nothing more to say about such a man, about a god of medicine. There is Google for more information. For info outside of Google radar, “know thyself”.

I can observe, however, how this name is spoken everywhere without having the slightest idea of what it means, I can observe how Hippocrates’ oath gets dirty even before it is applied, by the simple fact that the system knows that it is impossible not to be violated, defiling the souls of young doctors from the cradle.

With great gratitude for what has been left to us, I can only say a big thank you.

Responsibility in medicine

The sport of “hand washing” is also manifested in this field, originally sacred (like all the other fields). Medicine has not escaped the corrupt reality in which we live our lives. It’s easy to go on thinking or saying “The system is to be blamed.” I come and ask: what about you? What did you choose? As long as individual choices are made with the mind, not the soul, no matter what position we are talking about, this movie will run like a broken tape, blocked into the tape recorder.

The truth is that if healing and escaping this vicious circle is truly desired, the responsibility EQUALLY lies with both the patient and the healer. No healing lasts until it is done consciously and responsibly by both parties.

Over time, the responsibility for healing has been thrown on the shoulders of the person wearing the white robe or the person holding the knowledge. Reality shows that no one is responsible, regardless of their role in this world, for carrying the burdens of another. This is not healing, it is a mockery of life that flows through both involves. Life is only given from life.

Mankind has become a world of sick people burdened with weights that do not belong to them, in which no one has the courage to carry his own. And the big surprise, when you choose to carry your own, is that you have nothing to carry in the first place. Basically … nothing has ever been yours … No, it’s not “normal” for us all to walk with nails in our feet.

Being aware of this landscape, of the fact that what is being empowered is souls slavery, you can no longer participate in such a thing. I, for one, cannot. The soul does not let you, for it is free. Consciousness does not let you, because it sees. Life does not let you, because it wants to be lived.

And so I add a little something … Medicine does not exist without consciousness, but not without conscience. Medicine is done first with the soul.

Empathy in medical field

Empathy, like Love, is misunderstood and erroneously payed forward. I recommend my article Love … Stop Crucifying Love, on the love topic.

Empathy does not mean sitting and suffering with someone. Empathy is nothing but the ability to feel what the other feels, to be one with the other. THAT’S ALL. What you do with what you feel, with what you are, is a choice. Everyone has the right to make their own choices and is bound to live by them.

Empathy demands nothing. It is the ability to feel. Empathy does not require you to crawl through the mud with your loved ones or with the sick. Empathy does not require you to burn yourself because the others have burned themselves. Empathy does not require you to be stupid because the other person is stupid. Empathy does not require you to be in the other person’s shoes by abandoning yours. Empathy does not require you to remove/change/betray your boundaries. It’s just the ability to feel. All the others are choices and are part of what is called “sympathy” (or, as I like to translate it into a language that everyone understands: “let’s bathe together in dramas”).

Led by low-frequency mental and emotional programs, such as shame, pity, and guilt, choices are often unconscious and lead to sympathetic actions.

At higher levels of vibration, such as unconditional love and compassion, most of the time reality shows that you don’t need to do anything, you just need to be. That all we need is to feel seen [2], not helped, not changed, not healed. This moment triggers a process of “catharsis“, in which the divine spark is ignited, and healing takes place automatically and naturally, from within, and everything is rewritten. Basically, this view, this recognition of the soul by another soul, removes the one who needs it from the position of the sick-one or the helpless-one and puts him back in a position of sovereignty, in which everything is possible and the individual feels capable of everything.

How long each one wants to maintain this condition is a choice and depends exclusively on each individual. There are billions excuses. And “empathy”, used in its distorted sense – often understood as sympathy – is just another excuse not to live, not to be responsible for one’s own life.

Pain in medicine

It is an obvious fact that some conditions have pain in their sings and symptoms picture. What is here to be understood and to remember is that pain does not mean suffering.

Pain is an uncomfortable phenomenon that has the role of bringing to light the fact that the body has a problem. It belongs to the body. The mind does not hurt, emotions do not hurt, but they can materialize as physical pain in the body. And, once and for all, THE SOUL DOESN’T HURT. Suffering associated with pain is a choice. It empowers pain and attracts the same low-frequency emotions like pity, shame, and guilt – the ones that keep all participants in the mud.

But life is not about staying in the mud. Life is about choosing to be happy all the time.

Knowing these things is what allows the conscious exit from this great drama of medicine. But this process of real healing is not made to be repeated indefinitely. There comes a time when you need to let go and just live.