Anca Țandea

Love… stop crucifying Love


Love… stop crucifying Love

„Love is all that stays after we put aside everything we think we know about love”, Anca Țandea.

This year, Easter coincides with my birthday. Should it mean anything? I don’t know and I don’t bother, but it’s not as if it’s not an obvious fact. But, I told myself that if this coincidence happens, I will use this moment as an opportunity to express some deeper things. It’s been a while since I’ve done this.

I’ll allow myself to talk about those things that can’t be talked about. I will allow myself to talk about love, though, I say from the very beginning that there are NO words to express what it really is.

Easter Holliday

I have never been a religious person, I have not accepted any doctrine, and I have not believed in a God imagined by the limited human mind, who judges, who punishes, who would make anyone feel guilty or wrong, however he/she is. The only thing I could see as sin would be ignorance. But even that is not a sin, because the very concept itself would mean judging existence as it is…

To be more precise, I mean ignorance of who you really are. Ignorance of the fact that you are God, that you are Love. That God is Love, present in everyone and in everything. That if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be told. Nothing would exist without love, for it is the creative force. Nothing would exist without God, for only such a mind could create LIFE.

Love and Jesus

The feast of Easter culminates in the moment of death, and and has the resurrection as an ending point. In other words, it is a story of eternal life. But, like any other story, the adventure has a beginning, has an intrigue and has a content with many events. And all this embodied, in this case, in the life of Jesus.

The first impulse was to write that mankind has forgotten for thousands of years the lessons received in this form. But the truth is … They were never understood. There were brilliant minds who understood the true message in depth, but never the great masses.

Jesus is Love. He came here to teach us what Love is. But, as I have said so many times, it cannot be understood. And, as the events in the story show, it was not understood. Someone had to die for this, and even so, love is still misunderstood. It doesn’t look like much has changed in 2000 years. Why? Because that’s it’s very nature…

Love can only be felt

Experience has shown me and continues to show me that nothing can really be understood by a limited mind, but the mind can evolve and open up through direct experimentation. Nothing is an exception, not even the strongest force in the universe. This requires vulnerability, courage, curiosity, a burning desire to live, to participate in life.

We need to accept that there are risks and that failure is the one that will take you one step further in terms of understanding the universe in which we live. And that doesn’t change. Nothing is ever the same as it was or as will be. It’s always something new, it’s always something unknown, something unpredictable.

Living is risky. Loving is even riskier. Creating is the riskiest of all.

The dense reality in which we live is a world of form. The human mind is shaped by this aspect. The mind is, if you will, a form-corresponding entity, and form is in itself something limited. Automatically, trying to understand something unlimited, like love, using something limited, like the mind, you miss the true meaning. It cannot really be described, it cannot be understood on a mental level.

It cannot be contained in any concept or form. To “crucify” love is a harsh expression, but very real. When it is misunderstood, unaccepted, unmanifested, but also when it manifests – pleasantly or less pleasantly, more or less, in gentle gestures or in heartbreaking gestures, it entails the judgment of limited minds or the attempt to to bind it, to limit it, to pin it.

Love can only be felt. With what? With the body.

Why do you think the body is so important in my vision? The paradox is that although the body is the one that limits us, it is also the one that offers us the key to liberation. It’s THAT important… I recommend the article Metabolic adaptability – a “must have” in 2021, where I described in detail the importance of the physical body.

The Lesson of Love

But, as any process has several stages, as our existence unfolds on several planes, as there are several levels of consciousness, even the lesson of love has been divided, for didactic purposes, into several “chapters”. It manifests on four octaves:

  • Animal-like sexuality
  • Erotic and emotional
  • Unconditional love
  • Compassion

Sexuality knows this, but sexuality is just a way.

Is there a way to pass on this lesson in a way that is understandable? I, for one, found no other way than to be simply love. Pure. I now turn my attention to a term I used “to pass on” (to pay forward) this lesson. Randomly used words? I do not think so. Some things can only be passed on directly … Or at least that’s what I have experienced.

And yet … what is Love?

A form… the mind wants a form. Okay… let’s formulate something then. I will offer some aspects of it from the infinity of those which characterize it… sometimes.

Love is just a frequency[1]. When I understood this, I understood more than when I just heard it. And … what should we do with this information? I believe everyone has the right to choose. A frequency is a vibration, a high one in this case. In my view, it matters what you choose to do from that vibration.

Not only that staying in love is not enough, but … it’s not even possible for too long. Either you chase it or you don’t let it go, both are forms of attachment. Yes, the attachment to love … And, we all know or should know how far attachments go.

Love does not require compromise. Love only is. That’s all. It cannot be earned, deserved or bought, but only accessed. Compromise does not bring love, it brings the illusion of what it is, hence the disappointments. And what do you actually compromise? Integrity. You give up a part of yourself for an illusion. Things, as usual, are upside down. Love yourself by choosing yourself and it will be there.

Love is not enough. Enough for what? There are many expressions circulating in this world, such as “All we need is Love.” Is that so? Who is “we”? And … if that’s true, why are we where we are? Is it because we’ve all become attached to it, one way or another?

For EVOLUTION, it is not enough. So … what’s next? The answer I received some time ago was: Letting GO. Only in this way can love evolve, and so can we.

Love is Truth

I’ll end with a bittersweet truth. The force that creates is one and the same force that destroys. Yes, love can and does destroy. It is a hard pill to swallow, given that people are educated to be satisfied with half-truths. Just as death is part of life, so destruction is part of creation. How easily will this aspect be received in everyday life? That remains to be seen and … to be lived.

Personally, I’ve said it before and I say it again, I made a choice. Everything I do is out of love for life, as it is, in all its forms.  For both the bad and the good, ’cause love does not know duality. There is no good or bad for it, because without them, nothing would have existed … not even it, Love.

Truth is love, and love is truth. Unlimited and undefinable, but all-encompassing. What is there to say more about them?

Take at Home

Today’s article is not about understanding love, but an invitation to live it in all its colors. There’s nothing to do with love, but you can allow it to fill you and you can allow it to manifest through you. Just “naked”, as it is in fact. It has been covered for thousands and thousands of years and it didn’t serve to anyone.

“Do what you feel!” it is said everywhere. But how do you do that when you don’t feel anymore, when you don’t feel yourself, when you don’t feel your body? How many people have the courage? What if it’s wrong? What if you lose everything? What is there to lose? Something that was never yours from the beginning? We still have a lot to learn, but a lot more to unlearn…

Love has not been, is not and never will be what we think it is.

Never? Never!