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Lose Weight…But Differently

Lose Weight…But Differently

“Weight loss is a race you’ll never win unless you understand the big picture.” Dr. Anca Țandea

We are living times in which humanity suffers for the most part from imbalances that are reflected and that start from the way we use food. Pay attention, I say food, because there is a big difference between food and nutrients. Not all foods feed us and not all are created to be compatible with our bodies.

One of the most common effects of inappropriate food consumption is weight gain. Automatically, the first reaction is to crave for the opposite, in other words, to treat the symptom. Being desperate to get an immediate effect, to lose weight as quickly as possible, we ignore the causes. This is classical: looking for the magic pill, for results without work, for free magical recipes and, moreover, without asking ourselves: why did we gain weight?

Behind the fattening process there are some individual mechanisms much more complex than those used by the mainstream programs for losing weight. Thus, it is very possible for the results to be short-term or to get rid of the weight problem, but gain others instead.

The holistic perspective shows us that it is a double disconnection: disconnection from one’s own body and disconnection from the Source. I kindly recommend the book Weight Loss Course, by Marianne Williamson[1], which describes in detail all the mechanisms that lead to this disconnection and which proposes an extraordinary practical plan of reconnection with your own body by reconnecting with the Source and by loving oneself.

In order to be controlled, a body with ancestral wisdom needs to become “uninhabited.” This process takes place over time, drop by drop. The body is bombarded on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) with harmful factors, trauma, so the only option to survive these micro-traumas becomes protection through self-isolation.

From another perspective, fat storage represents the fight against hunger.

This is rdescribed by the shadow of the 35th key in the Gene Keys[1] book, written by Richard Rudd, and is the wound encoded in the DNA of all mankind that prevents our evolution. Its transcendence, through the gift of Love, is a shortcut that allows the transcendence of all other keys.

Physically, at the macro level, this isolation from the external environment is done by depositing an insulating material: the layer of fat. At the micro level, this isolation is translated into leptin resistance (Leptin RX)[1]. Leptin is the satiety hormone. It is synthesized by fat cells and it’s signals are received by the brain. The brain then tells the body that we have enough stored energy, that we no longer need to eat or store it. In the case of leptin resistance, this mechanism is dysfunctional: the brain no longer recognizes leptin, and satiety no longer occurs. This resistance to leptin can be tested. Ask me for details.

In the structure of its “web” (The Quilt) formed by the main pillars necessary for the optimization of the human body, leptin occupies the 2nd place (!). You can access here a beginner’s guide to leptin resistance, from which you can study as deep as you feel like. For more details regarding leptin resistance, read my article: Ketogenic Nutrition In Metabolic Imbalances (LINK).


At the emotional level, there is an accumulation of emotions and feelings, which, in a dual reality, are perceived as negative. Thus, not being truthfully and authentically educated about emotion management, we tend to isolate ourselves, to build walls so that we no longer feel them. This is, however, a big trap, as we no longer feel the good as well. Life itself encompasses both, and denying one means denying life in its complexity.

At the mental level, there is a development of such complex, treacherous and powerful mental programs, that in any attempt to escape this loop there is a subprogram that brings you back (in this case, to the eating program). The design is so well crafted that, personally, I can’t help but admire such a creation. The challenge is thus much greater, but overcoming it brings a much bigger satisfaction.

Given all these aspects, we need to understand that “losing weight” is a much more complex process than it seems. Moreover, it is sometimes impossible to achieve it without understanding that we need a force far superior to those forces which brought us into having to lose weight: we need to reconnect with the Source, with our Soul, with the Divinity.

To be thin, to be slender, to emit vitality is, after all, an expression of well-being, of health, not a whim. It is natural to want to return to the weight you felt good at, to the weight you felt YOU. You can read, in this way, my other article: Health As An expression Of Authenticity (link).

But, let’s not go to extremes … It’s not okay to be too thin. But everyone is indebted to himself to discover the ideal weight at which his performance as a living human being is maximum. And here, the most important aspect is sincerity towards oneself. The Universe does not take things personally. It works the same for everyone. We have nowhere to go and it is not worth hiding. We have received a life that we are required to live as authentically as possible. Only then will the ideal weight of everyone’s body come to the surface in all its splendor.

The most important aspect may be that, in fact, it is not about fat, but about the metabolism of fat. Thus, the higher the metabolic adaptability (read my article: Metabolic Adaptability: A Must Have In 2021 – LINK), the more fat and amount of fat ceases to be a problem.

There would be many more issues to discuss on this topic, but I think it’s time to write about …

The Practical Part


One of the teachings that I received is the one regarding „the how trap”. This „how”, used without any strong intention behind it, does nothing but hold us in place, in an eternal search for a suitable solution. It’s like “trying” which tells the nothing at all, or to „spin in a circle” – in Romanian language.

When you really want something, the answer appears (apparently) without even being asked for. It is usually in front of our eyes, but we are too blind to recognize it in the form in which it is offered to us.

In my own journey of weight loss, I was asked by a good friend: “OK, but my question is … Why don’t you want to lose weight, really?”. It hurt! But a simple, unsweetened truth was reflected to me, for which I am deeply grateful and which mirrored all my emotions, fears, traumas, mental programs of self-sabotage and lack of self-love.

So then… Why lose weight?

All I have to say here is that the answer is in one place: IN THE HEART.


Discovering the answer is unique for everyone and I consider it a joy that deserves to be fully experienced!


The approach, in my view, needs to be on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). All are interconnected and need to be aligned.

There are no perfect recipes, no standard plans, no two identical approaches. We are unique. At this moment, in this place, there is no one else who is the same as each of us. It’s an extraordinary thing. Not even we, tomorrow, in the same place, are the same. We change, the place changes. Because our existence takes place and changes over time. Only the mind holds us in back …

We don’t have universal recipes, but we do have tools. How they are implemented depends on each case.

1.      The PHYSICAL Plane

The tools I choose to share with you involve Nutrition & Biohacking.

  • Hydration

Nothing moves if we don’t have a vehicle. It’s like having workers and we wonder why they don’t work … Well, because there is no bus to transport them to and from work! Thus, we can take the highest quality supplements. If they don’t get where they are needed, we have no results in line with the expectations found in marketing.

Also, the results of the workers’ work (secondary reaction products, toxins or new synthesized elements) need to be transported to the place where they are needed or exported. We also need transportation for the products.


At the moment, there are probably thousands of articles, studies and documentaries on water and its importance in human health. For more details, I recommend this documentary regarding water and it’s proprieties.

For practical options regarding cellular hydration, access this information in Recommended Products (link) in the Resources section (link).

  • Detoxification

There are a lot of foods, supplements and procedures that eliminate toxins from the body. Elimination of toxins is absolutely necessary in any condition. It is done gradually, personalized and with the necessary compensations. But the first and most important step is to eliminate the CONSUMPTION of toxins and here I mean not only food, but everything: air, water, hygiene products, emotions, thoughts etc.

The second step is to eliminate toxins already accumulated in the body. These detoxifications are done gradually and include both general and specific procedures on tissues, organs and systems. The pace and manner of detoxification varies from case to case.

  • Ketogenic nutrition

Ketogenic nutrition is an extraordinary tool for rapid weight loss with long-term results.

What is worth mentioning here is that this type of nutrition is quite aggressive and sometimes it is advisable to introduce it gradually. It goes without saying that, once we have weight problems, there are some metabolic imbalances that need to be restored. Ketonutrition is an extraordinary tool, but it is not enough. A winning combination may be ketogenic nutrition and intermitent fasting.

It is also necessary to have a clear differentiation in terms of healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Their division into the two categories is based on numerous criteria, but (pay attention!) Each has its own criteria. In my view, everything matters. Everything. From the composition, the type of seeds used, to the way of growing, to harvesting, to the environment, the available energy, the frequency and the information impregnated in each food we consume. Then, the way it is metabolized by our body as pharmacodynamics and much more … everything matters.

  • Suppliments

The supplements I think are important to mention are probiotics and enzymes.

  • Probiotics

Given that the intestines are considered the second brain, it is absolutely necessary that the intestinal flora be rebalanced. Basically, without realizing it, we mostly eat what the bacteria in the intestinal flora ask of us to eat. If the balance is in favor of those who ask for harmful foods, we will eat harmful foods. We are slaves to our own eating habits.

Changing the balance of the type of bacteria in the intestines can be done by changing eating habits, but from a certain threshold, this change is very difficult to do only from food, and that is the moment when it is very helpful to supplement from the outside with probiotics. It is advisable to alternate them periodically.

For details, see the My List of Recommended Products.

  • Enzymes

As I said, an imbalance that is reflected in fat storage is based on a metabolic imbalance. Either we don’t have enough digestive enzymes, or we don’t have enough metabolic enzymes. We usually miss both.

Almost all metabolic reactions in the body are catalyzed by enzymes. Without them, nothing moves. When I started playing with supplements, I concluded one thing: if I had to choose one of the supplements I would not give up, I would choose enzymes. This statement remains valid to this day.

Today we have a very wide market with extraordinary combinations of digestive and metabolic enzymes. You just have to choose what is right for you.

For details, see the My List of Recommended Products.

  • Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

Long story short, if you don’t have amino acids, you cannot build enzymes (which have a proteic structure). If you don’t have enzymes, you cannot extract amino acids from the food you ingest. It is a vicious cycle that is very hard to escape.

Until our bodies relearn how to function properly, the need to suppliment with EAAs and enzymes is out of question.

Moreover, studies have already proven that AAs in general can be very effective in fat loss, especially visceral fat loss, but there is also a high risk for muscle waste and metabolic alterations. The same study shows that EAAs alone may be very effective in weight loss and, moreover, they are shown to improve clinical health parameters. Amino acids quality matters! Low quality may lead to tissue wasting.

THOT AMINOS is my firm and unwavering recommendation. They are the ones I choose, I use, and I believe in. I also distribute them, true, but that’s not the point. The point is that I choos to work with the best. If you choose  them, you can use my 5% discount code: ANCA5.

For more details, see the My List of Recommended Products.

  • Berberine

This is a great supplement that is involved in regulating carbohydrate metabolism. It is the natural equivalent of Metformin, used in diabetic disease.

Dihydroberberine seems to be more effective than simple berberine, but there are quality that work either way. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

  • Spices

Ginger, black pepper, garlic, paradise grains (link), chilli pepper etc. all have a stimulating effect on fat burning. Adding them to beverages and culinary preparations can have an effective effect, unless they are contraindicated.

  • Sports

Sport is an essential ingredient. Exploring the extremes, I saw how it is both with a lot of routine sports and without sports. Bottom line: you can lose weight without sports, but it’s much, much harder. Adding sport to your routine helps a lot in getting the result, so the bottom line is that sport is essential.

The percentage of 80% nutrition 20% sports, widespread in the masses, seems to be optimal for this target.

In the first stage, the most effective type of sport to lose weight is either HIIT (high intensive interval training) or body building (to increase muscle mass). I do not recommend cardio workouts in the first stage. These are some details that will be explained in the following articles.

  • Regulating the circadian rhythm

During sleep, the body can fully recover.

The disconnection from nature and the time spent more and more in front of the screens, although, at first glance, it does not make sense, are closely related to fat storage, which is in itself a method of separation. Adjusting the circadian rhythm contributes a lot to reconnecting with the environment, and in this way I recommend glasses for protection against blue light (Blue Block Glasses) every time we are dealing with screens or lights provided by LED devices.

The white lens has a protection of about 50%, the yellow one of 98%, and the red one of 100%. Avoid blue light at least 2 hours before bedtime.

2.      The EMOTIONAL Plane

As I said at the beginning, the emotional plan is fully involved in this process, and the solution is to work to raise awareness of the emotions involved. I highly recommend the implementation of the DeCode Project, which I believe in and which I also practiced.

Personally, I have identified repression and shame as more important in this process. I highly reccomend to read my article in which we decoded Shame – one of the 7 fundamental wounds of humankind (LINK). Understanding shame can help a lot with the expressing process. In each of us lies a Creator. The repression of this divine creator leads to suffering and disease. Between The Creator and His/Her expression in all its colors lies a very strong force. We can call it shadow, resistance or something else. What is to be understood is that this force will do absolutely anything to prevent the Divinity in each one of us from manifesting. So … get to know yourself, learn, but never forget to create !!!

Two of the books that have been very helpful to me are Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative[1], by Austin Kleon and The War of Art: Winning The Inner Creative Battle[2], by Steven Pressfield.

3.      The MENTAL Plane

Trying to get rid of mental programs using the mind is impossible. Yes, it is useful for the mind to understand what is happening and how these programs work, but the design of the mind is built to create a program around absolutely anything. This is also the trap of the mind, but also the beauty of the game we need to get out of. What game would that be without traps? And what satisfaction would we have if the challenges were not commensurate with our real potential? This is an extraordinary dream: now we have an idea of how strong and how important we are.

Thus, being an observer becomes a basic process over time, and being present  is currently the only way out[3].

Meditation – the state of emptiness, practices such as mindfulness, contemplation – They help!

I hope this article is useful for those who are facing weight loss issues and not just for them.

If you feel that I can help you, for a while, on your own trip, contact me! (contact form link).

But remember that NO ONE knows better than you what to do, not even me. What I can do is to offer the knowledge I have gained in guiding you back to you, to the most beautiful, slender and lively version of you.

Love yourself!


With love,

Anca Țandea.

[1] Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, by Austin Kleon (

[2] The War of Art: Winning The Inner Creative Battle, by Steven Pressfield (

[3] Recomand Puterea prezentului de Ekhart Tolle (