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Stem Cell Regenesis – because we`re worthy of it…

There are several technologies that involve stem cells worldwide. One of these is Laminine. The story of Laminine[1] begins in 1929 with Dr. John R. Davidson (Canada), who discovers during his research that the fertilized chicken egg triples in size in one of the first 14 days after fertilization. His research on how this information could be used for the benefit of mankind continued only after another 50 years, when Dr. Bjodne Eskeland (Norway) managed to isolate these components that trigger the activation of stem cells and created the formula for what we call today LAMININE®.

What are Stem Cells?

Embryonic Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells from the initial process of cell division of the embryo. Once fertilized, the zygote egg begins to divide. At this stage, it becomes a blasphemer. It is formed by  a cell mass consisting of about 70-100 cells, surrounded by a layer of cells called trophoblasts. The trophoblast is the one that will transform into the placenta, and the cells inside it are the embryonic stem cells (ESC), which will divide and differentiate to form the future living organism. [2]

ESCs have two characteristics[3]:

  1. They are pluripotent – they can be differentiated in all 3 primary embryonic tissues: ectoderm, mesoredm, endoderm
  2. They can multiply indefinitely in an undifferentiated state

Laminine ACTIVATES undifferentiated stem cells already in our body in a latent state.

LAMININE® is an exceptional supplement, 100% natural, whose value cannot be expressed in words. When I first tried LAMININE®, I was told, “I can’t explain to you what Laminine is. In order to understand what I am telling you, you have to try it ”. Now that I’ve tried it I can confirm this 100%. I will describe, however, in the following lines, the characteristics and effects of laminin as accurately as possible.

What is LAMININE® and what does it contain?

Laminine is a LifePharm product. This product is on the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)[4] list and can be recommended by doctors and therapists.

Laminine is a patented formula that contains a mixture of fertilized hen egg extract, marine proteins and phytoproteins.

This product based on fertilized egg extract is the only one that contains these bioactive growth factors (bioactive oligopeptides and FGF-2).

In the development of the fertilized chicken egg, several stages of embryogenesis were observed, including a very rapid cell proliferation on day 23 (1190%)[5]. In these key stages, the presence of a larger amount of bioactive peptides was observed, which were suspected of contributing to the development of the egg. These bioactive peptides are usually shorter chains of amino acids, which have the ability to be absorbed in the gut without being broken down for digestion, and can do their job immediately after ingestion. In addition, other peptides and FGF-2 (present in the protoembryonic fluid) were noted in greater quantity on day 11 of the embryo.

All these observations led to the creation of an ideal formula with biologically active factors, which would be able to activate latent stem cells in the human body.

How does it work?

The bioactive factors present in LAMININE® contribute, by activating latent stem cells, to the development, proliferation, differentiation and longevity of the cells of the human body. Phytoproteins and marine proteins provide the substrate of essential amino acids that can be used for the effective regeneration of cells and tissues.

In this process, both the optimization of the activity of several genes and telomere repair reactions take place. Telomeres[6] are those ends of chromosomes that, as they shorten with each cell division, the cell ages and dies. Stimulation of telomerase (the enzyme that repairs telomeres) thus prevents cellular aging, so the whole body.

Basically, this supplement is a formula that stimulates the activity of stem cells. They perfectly listen to the real needs of the body and multiply and specialize where it needs in order to regenerate the whole body. The mysteries of the ancestral wisdom of the human body have not yet been fully elucidated by modern science. Thus, give the body what it needs and it will know exactly how to use what it has received. In this case, he receives an extra stimulus. That stimulus that underlies life itself.

What are the effects?

Being a simple formula, but with an extremely complex and complete coverage area, Laminine acts from the beginning – it activates latent stem cells, with effects throughout the whole body. LAMININE® is a supplement that delivers exactly what is needed where the body needs it when it needs it. It basically gives the body the instruction, but also the necessary building blocks  for it to regenerate itself.

The effects can be felt at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. These may be: regeneration and rejuvenation both at the cellular level and in general, mental and emotional balance, increased energy levels, metal clarity and physical and mental performance, improving metabolic and sexual functions etc. There are a multitude of testimonials and each experience is unique.

LAMININE® represents a unique technology, a supplement of the future, for superhumans, who want to experience life at the highest possible level.

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The future is here. Enjoy regenesis.

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