Anca Țandea

Health As An Expression Of Authenticity

Health As An Expression Of Authenticity


Guided by my heart, I feel it is time to share my unique vision of our well-being in this process of experiencing what we call … LIFE.

I remember being a child. Like almost all children, I was asked what I want to be when I grow up. To me, it didn’t make sense then and it doesn’t make sense today. Why would I want to be anything other than what I already am?

In my view, being healthy is the same as being who you are: in every moment of every day, anywhere, anyway, in thought and manifestation.

It’s that simple. But, as I always say: simple is not necessarily easy.

The Calling

The calling I had towards medicine is not often met: it was not a job in my family, nor did I feel the need to be a superhero and save human lives at all costs. No, that’s certainly not what led me there. What was it then? Looking back in time with the perspective I have now, I see that it was nothing else but the desire to understand life. There have always been too many illnesses, death and suffering, and something inside me has whispered that life is not about that.

The medical school and medical practice gave me a deeper understanding of our body, but it didn’t answer my question. People are still aging, death is still happening, and there is still sickness and suffering. What was I missing?

The universe is very generous and very elegant. It always answers. ALWAYS. Even when you are not aware of what you are asking for. Thus, I was offered the experiences I needed to go through to understand what I needed to understand: LIFE as an infinite process.

Experiences In The Arena

My connection with Mother Nature has been forged in many years of practicing extreme outdoor sports. Nature is the best teacher and it is here to mirror us, not to crave its beauties and consume it like some incurable hungry men.

The polarized experiences I gathered through my existence as a protagonist on this planet contributed to the big picture I had to see.

To live and die, to go to extremes just to find balance, to fall down just to get up, to feel and be both bright and dark, weak and strong, adult and child, woman and man, executioner and victim, to be both the observer and the observed, all these experiences are a foreplay to self-acceptance, to unconditional love. Together, they offer the possibility of choosing to transcend the human condition.

My soul is here to serve a single purpose. All my training, all my skills, all my knowledge combine perfectly to protect one thing: LIFE. The life within me and the life around me. Life in all its forms. I’ve learned, I’ve resisted, I’ve suffered, I’ve accepted and… I chose.

Knowledge As An Instrument


Deep understanding and wisdom come from experience.

But knowledge is truly integrated by releasing what you already know.

As we all know, knowledge means power. But with power comes a great responsibility. It is not important what you have, but what you do with what you have.

The art of choosing the veracity of information and of accessing and interconnecting information in all fields in order to organize it in the ideal form in which it can be delivered to the one who needs it are, for me, skills that keep me engaged and I do my best to master them.

Deep inside, we all know who we are. Sickness, death and suffering are only meant to show us what we are not. When we begin to breathe, to drink, to eat, to sleep, to move and to act in resonance with what we are, everything returns to its place.

The medicine is in our environment, and the doctor is our soul. The body is the one that provides the feedback. The problem is that, by living life in an inauthentic way, we have corrupted the reader. This is when we realize it’s time to ask the Universe for help. You can’t fix something as long as all the information is, in one way or another, distorted and removed from the essence.

Life As A Gift

So, medicine, as I see it now, is a process of “unpacking life”. Life is a gift. It was packed in a beautiful box by imagining what is inside. It’s time to unwrap this gift, whatever it is.

And I tell you, I haven’t experienced anything more fulfilling.

This is the real healing, and it is time to share with you.

UNFOLDING LIFE – a concept already known; but being Original does not mean being different. It means  returning to the Origins.

When you decide that you are a priority for yourself, that you want to heal, not be healed, I am here to joyously share knowledge.


With all my heart and soul,