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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

In trying to write an introduction to essential oils, I realized that I could not write a better one than this article: Therapeutic oils – a never ending story. You also have the Romanian version here.

In short, the urgent need to maintain our integrity and to remain at a high frequency, and even to increase the frequency at which we operate, requires some tools that are much more efficient than those with which we have become accustomed to: it is obvious that the time for essential oils has arrived.

Using them helps to balance the systems and increase the frequency of our body. We forgot to think in terms of energy and frequency, and this now costs us.

Every plant, animal, human, every object vibrates at a certain frequency. Essential oils vibrate at the highest frequencies of all natural substances. Each essential oil vibrates at its specific frequency and, through their composition and vibration, they can change the frequency of the human body, creating the environment in which the body can heal.

You have a list of oil and blend frequencies from YoungLiving. Rose essential oil (320 MHz), followed by Helychrisum (181 MHz) and Ravensara (134 MHz) have the highest frequencies.

There are several methods of administering essential oils: directly, internally, diluted and by diffusion. But there are rules here too:

  • Not all can be administered internally
  • Not all can be administered undiluted
  • Oil combinations are recommended not to exceed more than 7 types
  • There are contraindications to their administration depending on the particularities and pathologies

The safest and most complicated way to administer seems to be through the use of difusers. Be careful, however, to choose a difuser that does not heat the essential oils, so that they do not lose their properties.

In addition to the brands already mentioned in the recommended article, I add the following:

  • DoTerra: a brand that is respected for its high purity essential oils and their immediate availability and has a wide range of quality speakers. Here you have a registration and order link.
  • Mayam essential oils are a more affordable option.

Once, not long ago, I received a tip: “All you have to do is increase your frequency.”

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I challenge you!

Love, Anca!