Anca Țandea

Conscious Touch. The Magical Power of the Hands.

Most of the time, when we talk about massage, we speak about touches that shiver the skin, relax the muscles or put the bones back in their correct position.

Have you ever thought of a massage that covers not only the body, but all the five layers that each of us is endowed with? Yes, five!! 🙂

The physical body is the first one of them and the coarsest, meaning that, if the massage remains only at this level, yes, you will feel relaxed for a short time, but at a deeper level there will be no change, no reaction or, on the contrary, you will feel that something is missing.

Tantric massage addresses all five coverings (physical, energetic, mental, supramental and beatific) in a harmonious and unitary way and, through conscious action on the body and certain energy points and meridians, helps us to become aware of our divine essence, the one that guides and leads the body, which is only a temporary covering. The hands are like magic keys that open gates to our soul, resonating with energy centers capable of bringing inner peace, wisdom, inspiration and understanding of our purpose on Earth to us.

The one who offers the massage is a guide on the way of exploring the receivers own inner universe, giving him / her unequivocal support in the process of emotional alchemy. Thus, through the one who offers the massage, the purifying, healing and nourishing energy flows freely, coming directly from the Source and melting the armors and blockages that may exist in one of the 5 coatings.

In tantric massage, touching the naked body has an unexpectedly strong effect in erasing socio-cultural conditionings that act as barriers in the full expression of our being. By freeing ourselves from these fears and allowing ourselves to become vulnerable, we accept our own soul deeply and authentically.

Love is felt through the skin, from the first moment of life. Tantric massage creates a connection between the giver and the receiver at the level of the heart – a warm and supportive connection, which allows the recipient to regenerate his mysterious connection with himself and The Universe, feeling intensely the flow of life running through each one of us.


At the same time, tantric massage awakens the erotic energy of the massaged one and guides him / her towards becoming aware of it as a life-giving force and learning how to channel it through his / her own will and focus, thus helping to increase self-confidence, recover and reuse in other spheres of the chaotically dissipated energy, of peace and inner harmony.

Tantra Tea talk

Creating a conversational space where questions, concerns or revelations during massage can be shared or certain millennial teachings about the power of erotic energy.

Before or after the massage or even independently of it, enjoying of a cup of tea, in a relaxed atmosphere, we explore together with those who choose to, the complex universe of male and female sexuality, introducing them to the principles and values of tantra, more famous than truly known in Western society.

Lots of love,