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childhood obesity

Childhood OBESITY

Childhood obesity is on the rise, and the rate at which the percentage of young people affected is growing is alarming worldwide. „Children are the


Love… stop crucifying Love

„Love is all that stays after we put aside everything we think we know about love”, Anca Țandea. This year, Easter coincides with my birthday.

Shame – DeCode By Heart

Shame – one of the universal wounds that holds us back. This article is inspired by DeCode Project, initiated by Gabriel Pesa, whom I respect


What is ZYTO scan? [1] ZYTO scanning is a simple and painless process. Simply place your palm on the special ZYTO holder with a hand-shaped

Essential Oils

In trying to write an introduction to essential oils, I realized that I could not write a better one than this article: Therapeutic oils –

Lose Weight…But Differently

“Weight loss is a race you’ll never win unless you understand the big picture.” Dr. Anca Țandea We are living times in which humanity suffers